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Best Programme (Henry Burton), Best Editing (Henry Burton), Dave’s Gym Advert: Made for the charity event Anaphylaxis 2010, Dave’s Gym Advert has proved our most successful short film. Since going online it has attracted almost 50,000 views, half of which from gay porn (not a joke), and was featured in the Top 25 ‘most viewed comedy’ section of YouTube. Filmed at the real-life Dave’s Gym with additional footage from Talybont, Roath wreck and Bioscience, it features Oli Luton, Nick Willets, Joe Bell, Tim Williams, Iain McClure and Ifan Patchell, as well as James Chaffe in the complex role of ‘thin bloke in pants’.

Editing comprised of shifting through tons of homoerotic raw footage and cutting it in time to the music, slowing down and speeding up footage, synching re-recorded audio over actors’ lips and editing music without creating skips in the audio. The video was storyboarded by myself and Ollie Mumby and filmed over 4 weeks, then pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle over numerous long nights in the editing suite.