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    Sean Penn helps Haiti relief effort


    by ODN


    Hollywood actor Sean Penn has set up his own relief organisation to help victims of the Haiti earthquake.

    Penn's organisation JP HRO took over the management of a camp of 40,000 quake survivors.

    The site is located on the ground of the Petionville club golf course, where Penn and volunteers of his organisation spend days and nights offering relief to Haitians who lost their homes.

    Penn said Haiti could become a poster child for other developing nations.

    ''Haiti is so close and it's such a potential poster child for what can happen when equality is stimulated and therefore developing nations find its own way of developing. And so if that, if it can happen in Haiti, it can happen anywhere but there are obviously long-seeded corruption, class issues, local government issues, land owners issues and all of these things that should have been paid attention before.''

    The star also called on people to keep the pressure on their politicians by sending them letters asking to continue the efforts to support Haiti.

    JP HRO currently serves 2,000 meals a day to earthquake victims and volunteers.