[We are, We are] ~ Elephant/Zero Day/Columbine


by Geo

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Stuck this here since JewTube was lame and decided to delete it.

Song: Youth of the Nation
Artist: P.O.D


Wow...the real Eric Harris was really cute.
By ilovescott last year
By BerettaComing4UREB-VoDkA 3 years ago
Wonderful shirt!!ehy Rebd can we become friends ? I love your comments
By meny 3 years ago
These videos of me when I douwnloaded years before youtube. because they will be deleted immediately and in youtube they threatened me close the account to make it here I have uploaded in Dm. I'm glad I backed up because they no longer exist. Robert Steinhäuser since youtube has deleted all of -for Columbine- videos. Yes, the shirt is from Rammstein.
By Rebdoomer111 3 years ago
Yes I know Rebdoomer111.....what idiot people!!how can they deleted a wonderful video only because there were these two Gods?? But the people who can make a video (I'm learning to do it)or maybe you Rebd...Can't you remake that video?and another question..is that t-shirt about rammstein or another band?
By meny 3 years ago
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