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My multi-author-story "Beauty and the beast".
Plot is simple: some Characters have vacation on earth and find some very interesting hobbies..

female wraith is Lavernne
Vampire with long, black hair and black overall is Hailie
Vampire with long black hair, scientist clothes or black dress is Sappire
Vampire with guitar is Chelsea
male Wraith is Steve
Girl with red hair is Erinya
Vampire with brown hair is Ebony
Pale girl with long black hair who plays chess is Kahlan from Legend of the seeker
Rest are other characters on the big party hailie had done

I had a really funny time while filming this, honestly!

Songs are:
"Die another day" ba madonna (I hate myself for choosing this song..)
"Can't fuck .. eh fight the moonlight" by LeAnn Rhimes (I keep hearing "Fuck the moonlight"^^)
"Moonlight Pogo" by Nu Pagadi ("SHAKE YOUR BRAINS OUT!!")

I do not own any of the audio

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