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    A Brief History of Eugenics 1of3


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    The crimes committed by Nazi SS eugenicists during WWII horrified the world and discredited the pseudo-science of eugenics that, until then, was on the verge of becoming dominant all over the industrialized world.
    So, after WWII, eugenicists worldwide moved underground into several fields of science (ecology, bioethics, genetics, anthropology, biology, economy, psychology, etc), creating what one of their leaders, Julian Huxley, termed 'crypto-eugenics' -- that is, introducing eugenics practices in society under a multidisciplinary, stealth, fashion.

    Now, is eugenics is openly being promoted in all fields of science and society (draconian birth-control policies, sterilization, population reduction, euthanasia), under the pretexts of 'protecting the environment', 'reducing crime', and 'protecting economic stability'.