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    Last Hope - Fake Trailer - film contest

    Daniel Rutter

    by Daniel Rutter

    Hey everyone! Here's my latest trailer... for the 'heroic' theme. I decided not to go the 'superhero' or cop route on this one (though they were all good ideas), and instead go more the... 'rescuer' type, with zombies! The story: An apocalypse has occured... the human race is consumed, virus spreads... humans begin attacking humans. The survivors call out to an ex bounty hunter to save them... Her journey begins... slaying zombies, saving lives... So this trailer is basically me (the guy sending the message to our hero via webcast/webcam... hence the bad quality) and my sister waving a gun around. It was a really quick shoot, 9 hours editing time... and I think, by far... my best editing. The zombie footage was borrowed (with permission) from Zombie (A Youtube group)... some of the easiest to use Stock footage around (and the bad quality didn't bother me... it made it so much better!). Music was supplied by Jonah Waltion from the track titled 'A Spooks Despair'. Other sound effects were borrowed from (the T.V fuzz sfx) and (Gunshot/Gun cocking). Other effects (muzzle flash) were supplied by Andrew Kramer's Action Essentials 2 package. All editing was done with Sony Vegas Pro 9, all filming done with HV30 and Rode Videomic. Thanks for watching! Distributed by Tubemogul.