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    Attracting Women The Real Secret to Attracting Healthy Datin


    by meganoneal

    When you speak, use gestures to express yourself. This makes you more interesting to your partner, but don't go out of your way and do something to discomfort your partner. If you must, touch without sleazy intentions and believe it or not, it shows! You must hold eye contact at all times. However, never look down, it is read as a sign of weakness. When you are in love, your eyes can speak a thousand words. Just one look could let your partner understand the depth of your love. Also, your vibrant smile and body postures can have a positive impact on your partner. You can display a lot of affection through your body language. Hence, it is good to learn the art of body language when it comes to dating your partner. It can be one of the most effective methods of non-verbal communication. So the next time your partner makes a grim face you know what's wrong just because you have studied the art of