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    HFWorks: Antenna Analysis of a Horn 1/2


    by EMWorksInc

    A part of the HFWorks Video Tutorial Series.

    This tutorial shows the features of HFWorks to calculate high-frequency antenna parameters and near and far field plots. The subjects of interest are the radiation and directivity, as well as the return loss (S11) and the electric and magnetic field distributions of this horn antenna. Part 1 illustrates the pre-processing features.

    High-frequency electromagnetic analyses of Scattering Parameters, Antenna Parameters, and Resonance can be done with ease using HFWorks. HFWorks is a powerful CAE solution which utilizes the power of the top CAD tool in the market, SolidWorks.
    HFWorks is Gold Certified by SolidWorks, and is, along with EMS, is part of the only electromagnetic simulation suite that is embedded within SolidWorks.