Le Gaite

Mirko Faienza

per Mirko Faienza

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images et montage excellents !
Di cineliv264 anni fa
Mirko Faienza
hi Paradocas, thanks a lot. I had 3 cards of 32gigs and 1 of 64. Plus I had a break at noon and emptyed 1 or 2 cards. Did not rent. cheers
Di Mirko Faienza6 anni fa
This is terrific!

Did you have any trouble with having enough P2 Card memory for this shoot? Looks like it might have been a job for p2rents.com..
Di paradocss6 anni fa
Mirko Faienza
Hi Curt, glad you liked it. unfortunately i was there only by myself so I captured sound with camera mike in mono, then put the same track on left and right at the editing
Di Mirko Faienza6 anni fa
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