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    Harry launches injured soldiers trek


    by ODN


    Prince Harry has launched an expedition which will see injured troops trek to the North Pole.

    A team of ex-servicemen who lost limbs in the line of duty will take part in Walking With The Wounded. The adventurers and support crew will set off on the trek next year.

    They hope to enter the record books by becoming the first amputees to reach the remote destination.

    Harry, 25, is patron of the expedition campaign, which was set up this year to help rehabilitate injured service personnel back into employment.

    Money raised will be donated to charities and organisations to fund qualifications, courses and further education for people trying to rebuild their lives.

    During the four-week trek, the amputees will cover up to 300 miles across the frozen Arctic Ocean, taking the Siberian approach.

    Accompanied by expert guides including Henry Cookson and Inge Solheim, the former troops will navigate their way through hazards and tough terrain.

    Each participant will pull weights in excess of 243lb (110kg) in sleds while enduring temperatures from minus 15C (5F) to minus 50C (minus 58F) and facing the risk of running into polar bears.