NewS - Iitoko cha cha cha


by WithLuv2Johnnys

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ooohoooh powpowpow boys very sexyyyy XD
By MarjOoooooo 8 years ago
hahaha...ryo... so funny!! XD
By Rin 9 years ago
Hmm.. I'll post a translation of this that I found on the net XD quite funnny. haha

Someone's name is pulled from a box, and all the members line up and say good things about the person to a certain rhythm (the "nippon CHA CHA CHA" rhythm). The person whose name is picked has to do it too. Whoever can't think of anything, fails, and has to say something bad about themselves.

First up, Ryo. His response? "But, it'll never end! Cause I'm a bundle of good things!"
Pi: eyes are big
Massu: has distinct contours
Kusano: collarbone
Uchi: poison tongue
Ryo: surprisingly family-oriented
Shige: dandy
Tegoshi: SEXY
Pi: good with machines
Massu: is really kind to me
Kusano: has nice sense
Uchi: eats a lot
Ryo: uh, kinda cool..

Ryo's bad thing about himself? He acts strong. (As in, pretends)
Uchi reacted with a really loud "EH!?" Ryo: "ii ya, mou, yamero yo, omae!"

Next, Tegoshi.
Pi: sings well
Shige: cute
Kusano: pretty teeth
Uchi: fair-skinned
Massu: good at soccer
Ryo: looks like a good kisser
Tegoshi: um....

Tego: I can't look girls in the eye

Last, Koyama!!
Koyama: eyes
Pi: cool hairstyle!
Kusano: smart
Ryo: his house is a ramen restaurant
Shige: good at talking
Uchi: thinks about the other members ("member omoi")
Tegoshi: thinks about his mother ("okaasan omoi")
Koyami: "mmmm omoi" (mumbling)

His bad thing was that he has a weak stomach.
By hibh3 9 years ago
LOL. Did tegoshi say that Ryo-chan is sexy?! ahha tego is soo kawaii ^__^
By hibh3 9 years ago