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Les Balcons de Belle Plagne - Belle Plagne - Skibed.co.uk

il y a 8 ans181 views

Les Balcons de Belle Plagne is located close to all commercial activity whilst avoiding the busier paths, the residence is built in accordance with local tradition. All of the apartments are peaceful and exceptionally well sunlit with an unobstructed view of the neighbouring summits. The location is ideal ski to and from the residence. The interiors are fitted with quality installations, pine-panelling on the walls, interior doors made with wood from the massif, tiling and earthenware, rustic clouting on the walls and wooden furniture built in the mountain style. http://www.skibed.co.uk/station-ski/belle-plagne/les-balcons-de-belle-plagne.aspx?referent=ski-0910-en-video

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Les Balcons de Belle Plagne - Belle Plagne - Skibed.co.uk
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