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    Stroke survivor: talks about her stroke treatment, Neuroaid

    NeuroAiD Moleac

    by NeuroAiD Moleac

    Mr Kong whose wife is a stroke survivor relates how NeuroAiD™ fostered her recovery

    NeuroAiD™ is a treatment for stroke recovery, Patients taking NeuroAiD™ post stroke achieve a fuller recovery of neurological functions including motor cognitive and sensory. On average patients have 2.4 times more chances to achieve independence post stroke and see their motor deficits reduced by an average of 25% extra vs patients not taking NeuroAiD™. NeuroAiD has been evaluated in several clinical trials and is currently evaluated at its acute phase of stroke (<72 hours)

    *NeuroAiD is not commercialized in France / NeuroAiD n'est pas commercialisé en France