Durability test of bargain swords

Randall Higgins
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This is a durability test to address concerns that these entry-level European style swords from CAS Hanwei were poorly made and/or non-functional based on the very low price tag. The CAS Hanwei Iberia line Lionheart and Mercenary swords are put to some heavy cutting practice as well as the huge Scottish Claymore from Hanwei.
This testing was done at risk of personal injury and damage to the swords and is not recommended. Protective clothing, gloves and safety glasses were worn during these tests and the final result was that no damage was caused to these swords during the rigors of cutting, hacking and stabbing heavy targets, plywood and sheet metal. This is proof enough for me that these low cost , utilitarian swords from Hanwei are every bit as functional as their fancier and more pricey products. A great deal on a tried and true carbon steel collectible.
NOTE: prices shown are based on price before shipping from Wiwingti Sword Supply