FAKE ENVIRONMENTALISM: The ‘green’ soviet takeover


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We all care about the environment, and want to live in a clean world. But foundation-run environmentalism and carbon taxes are NOT about that.
They are about:
- Impoverishing you further, in the establishment’s race towards a two-class system, of the extremely rich versus the plain poor.
- Favoring multinational corporations and investment banks through carbon market, aka cap and trade, speculation.
- Stealing land and resources from small and mid-level proprietors to put those into the hands of government and corporations.
- Establishing the Big Brother “enviro laws” that are being passed all over Europe and the US.
- Putting ever more power over your life on the hands of the state and of international oligarchic organizations, such as the UN, the IMF and the World Bank.

Protect liberty from those who will take it away in the name of power and a few dollars more. Say NO to fake environmentalism.