How to Stop Smoking Weed Every Day - Secrets on How to Quit

Bobby M

by Bobby M

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If you want to quit smoking weed, you need to tell others about your marijuana problem.

But MORE important than that, you need to tell them when you will quit smoking pot by! Tell them the exact date that you want to quit smoking your ganja!

Just by telling others, you will be 10 times more motivated to quit smoking marijuana compared to not telling anyone.

This is based on the law of consistency. Psychologists have found out that people are driven to stay congruent to what they belive and what they say.

Iy you told 5 people that you are going to quit weed, then you will do whatever it takes to make sure you make your behavior congruents to your claims that you made to others.

This is a very powerful and effective way to quit smoking weed naturally.

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