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    Best Home Business for Work From Home Mom

    patty-jean st hilaire

    by patty-jean st hilaire

    390 views The best home business for work from home mom. I wanted to share with you a bit of my journey in the area of a business from home, while homeschooling my children. I'm a mama of 3 under 5. I'm inspired by the waldorf and the unschooling approach. Forgive the commotion in my video. If you are a mama of 'littles' you know all about this. Also I do apologize for the fact that you had to see a nose wiped on a dress - we encourage polite social behavior, but things still happen;) I recently started down the path of studying internet marketing, sifting through junk to find the jewels. Please feel free to leave comments, rate, or connect with me. I love getting to know other like-minded mothers! ... (more info) (less info)