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    Regulation Perfect One Arm Push Up - (RPOAPU)


    by BeastSkills

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    I received a message the other day about a challenging new skill - the regulation perfect one arm push up (RPOAPU). The description as I've read it - "A left arm RPOAPU looks like this: You get into the push up position. Your body is in a perfect line from head to the heels. No bending front to back, no bending side to side and no twisting is allowed. Feet together. Now bring your hands together and place your left hand directly under the center of your chest. Place your right hand behind your back. Keep your body perfectly straight, lower your chest down so that your sternum or right side of the chest touches the inner ridge of your left hand. (The same contact point that one would use to strike with a martial arts ridge hand.) Push back up." alternately I was given this other description - "-chest squared to the floor -elbow in -hand under the opposite side of the chest (outer edge of the hand on the floor, not whole hand.) -feet together" The description is a bit confusing, and there is no one who has done it yet, but presented here are four attempts at what I believe the skill to be. Success? Let me know what you think in the comments!