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    EastEnders - Kat and Alfie (22nd May 2003)


    by Ryanlcfc1

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    In the café, Lynne has a go at Dennis, who replies "OK, keep your knickers on - unlike some." Then Charlie has a go too, saying that around here the family protect each other this community - it's very close knit, they protect each other - they are..." Dennis interjects "inbred?" Obviously this enrages Charlie. Kat is upset about Dennis and Alfie is looking after her, although she keeps on saying that she doesn't care. When she is on a break, Alfie goes upstairs and cheers her up in the kitchen, saying all the usual things, and she says he is lovely - always there to pick her up, first after Anthony and now Dennis, why does he keep on doing it? Alfie takes his chance and says "why do you think - this probably isn't the right time to tell you, but ..." and of course Spencer wanders in and asks if either of them plan to do any work any time soon. Alfie is annoyed but Kat goes off to work looking dimly puzzled.

    This was taken from an episode of EastEnders on Thursday 22nd May 2003.