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    Puppetry Not Just as Entertainment


    by NTDTelevision

    Most of us think puppetry is associated with entertainment. But there are some who use it for educational and therapeutic purposes. Our correspondents in Israel bring the story.

    Three women who have dedicated their lives to puppetry were honored at an event in the Israeli city of Holon. They have worked for decades in promoting the use of puppetry as an educational and therapeutic tool.

    [Moti Sasson, Mayor of Holon]: (Male, Hebrew)
    “This evening is part of the "Woman's Festival" which salutes creative women in the state of Israel."

    For these women, working with puppets is much more than just a job. With their background in education, they revealed a great potential of using puppetry as an educational tool.

    They say puppets reflect human nature, which is comprised of both matter and spirit.

    [Yehudit Yehezkely, Puppeteer]: (Female, Hebrew)
    "When playing with a puppet, children first identify themselves with it. At the second stage, they use it to distance themselves from their problem - the problem is no more theirs, it becomes the puppet's problem, and that helps them to open up and speak up."

    [Chasida Pail, Puppeteer]:(Female, Hebrew)
    "I make puppets that are pleasant to look at, and even more pleasant to identify with. I use this bond between children and puppets to impart academic and educational messages."

    Farryl Hadary teaches in a college where she trains upcoming teachers on how to use puppetry in a learning environment. Her students learn how to make and use puppets in the classroom.

    [Farryl Hadary, Puppeteer]: (Female, English)
    “The kind of learning that we most retain is through experiential learning. And when you got a puppet in the classroom it is pure experiential learning. They identify with the puppet they take, they take part with the puppet and so it becomes a very, very special tool in the hands of educators or therapists….Learning must be fun for learning to happen.”

    NTD, Israel