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    French Aid Workers Freed in Darfur


    by NTDTelevision

    And in Dafur, after 100 days of captivity, two kidnapped aid workers from France are released. We talk with one of the hostages.

    Two kidnapped French aid workers were released in Sudan's Darfur region after 100 days of captivity.

    Released hostage Olivier Denis of the Triangle aid organization:

    [Olivier Denis, Triangle aid organization]:
    "We were not badly treated, but a lot of things were going through our minds. We knew that people were working to try to make things faster. We were impatient, but the fact that we were two of us helped us to manage."

    The workers of Triangle received a medical examination after their release from a group called the African Free Eagles.

    Five other aid workers in Darfur have been released in the last year, including three from the organization Doctors Without Borders who were freed exactly one year to the day, March 14.