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    Spring Your Skin into Shape



    Scientists at Neutrogena looked to the power of bioelectricity to develop Neutrogena Clinical™, a new skin care system that smoothes wrinkles and minimizes visible signs of collagen loss. Dr. Jane Khoury tells us, "Collagen loss, over time will create a loss in the thickness of skin and you'll see an increase in the wrinkles and loss of elasticity in the skin. We've known for many years that bioelectricity is important in healing of the skin." The line’s serum and moisturizers combine to activate on the skin – working like miniaturized batteries to create a gentle micro-current that reawakens collagen-depleated skin. The daytime moisturizer has a Helioplex® Technology in it to help minimize sun damage down the road. Khoury says, "Whats great about Helioplex is, it's stable in the sun so you can get great broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection that lasts over time." Now, recharging your skin is as easy as a trip to your local store. The line retails between $39.99 - $49.99