Training Daljinder

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Mick Roads is the worst minicab driver in Ilford. He lies, steals, rips off his passengers and exists on a diet of Kebabs and whatever food his hapless passengers might leave behind. When Daljinder, a new recruit, comes to the cab firm Mick is given the job of showing him the ropes and teaching him the minicab trade. Eighteen hours later, after discovering that Mick's methods range from the immoral to the downright illegal, Daljinder begins to wonder if this is the job for him. Watch more Blunt Production films


By djekkonor1 4 years ago
By pittbred 4 years ago
Like a broken car, this movie starts after 3 minutes of struggle. I'm not talking about the struggle of the heroine in a world of cab driver, I'm talking about my struggle as an audience to stay tuned to the film and to care about the characters. I feel sorry to say that, but in this case I think it is necessarily. Not every one with a laptop and "pages" or "words" is a writer, just like not everyone with a camera is a cinematographer and same goes to the editor and director. Don't do films because its cool or just don't do films. Shame on you
By ShaiRodo 5 years ago
Please leave your comments about this brilliant short film and dont forget to watch the rest of the Blunt Productions films by clicking the Banner at the top.
By renderyardchannel 5 years ago