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    Bruna Fionda: 'I Done Reached'

    Ray Lightbourn (my Envoy from the Exumas ) and I searched for people ’s treasure stories of
    the Exumas and found ourselves helping Jeanie , ‘Bahama Mama ’ find her treasure : for 55 years
    Jeanie has wanted to go to Hog Cay, where her mother was born, just to step foot on the beach and pay homage. Jeanie’s parents separated when she was three years old and was deprived access to her mother. Jeanie’s mother, Emmie Vivienne Knowles-Sweeting was a professional photographer and was also one of the first to develop colour photography with Agfa. Jeanie recalls meeting her Mummy on three occasions, before Emmie died at the age of 29. This is a personal journey of a daughter bringing closure to losing a ‘Mummy’ that she hardly had or knew. Jeanie said, ‘I’d die happy if I can get to Hog Cay, I’d die happy anyway but I’d die even happier’. On this journey, 87 year old singer/songwriter Prince Fawkes sings his calypso song on ‘Exuma down by the sea’.