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    This film contains original footage (from the north-western ending of the former Iron Curtain), as well as audio and video material from the media archive of the European Commission (showing the cities of Gdańsk, Lübeck, Stockholm and Tallinn). The Music resp. the soundscape has been produced for this short movie exclusively.

    In accordance to the artistic cross border character of this film there are no subtitels during the few german, danish and swedish sayings. For full understanding, here are the english translations of the respective paragrafs:

    (Willy Brandt:)

    "The European unity is not handed to us on a silver plate by any government.
    This is not the way it works in history. Europe has to be eked out. Without this resoluteness the European freedom, the European civil rights and the social Europe will not be existing." (orig. german)

    I already feel like a citizen of an European Region. (danish)
    And I can witness it growing together (german)
    – closer and closer. (swedish)