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    Things Get Ugly Between Two Legends At Charity Event "Agassi


    by vtdainfo

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    Andre had expressed Pete's poor tipping in his tell all book "open" , so no need to reiterate on a CHARITY EVENT. The night was fun and great tennis was being played. Agassi was playing to the crowd a bit too mcuh in fact. He stole the crowd from everyother player. Maybe he cant handle being out of the spotlight. Pete decides to imitate Andre's famous walk to lighten the mood and to get some attention also. Andre doesnt like it. From that point on he gets personal and airs the dirty laundry. Pete takes offense and tries to nail Andre with a serve. This showed little class on both Andres, and Pete's Part. Pete could have easily talked about Andre throwing away 4 years of his life by doing drugs, but he takes the highroad, so he showed a bit more restraint. The Quality of tennis drops from that point, and the players seem to avoid hitting to Andre whenever possible. In the end, and in typical Sampras fashion, he finds a way to beat Agassi.