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    EU Fairy Tale "Make a difference"


    by Kiril_Katsarov

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    EU & Climat changes, Family & children, human future, alternative & bio energy, ecologie
    This is a story about the real things into the fairy tales, about the modern problems and the old well known tales, through the eyes of a little girl. The short movie presents two points of wiew - the scary side of the fairy tales and our society, and the positive side with all actions that were taken or could be taken in the future by the EU citizens and all people in the World. Also we show some World enterprises as The Earth Hour which is one of the answer of the new generations against the climat changes all over the World. Our story has its Happy End like all fairy tales, but it depends from us to make this happy end real.

    By Kiril Katsarov & Miroslav Gaidoshik