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    Shrek Forever After Official Trailer 2

    Al Caudullo Productions

    by Al Caudullo Productions

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    The big, green, Scottish ogre (Mike Myers) returns for the fourth and supposedly final installment of the Shrek franchise. This time however he will be bigger than ever as Shrek Forever After will be released in 3D. Shrek Forever After sees a domesticated Shrek settled into married life with his wife Fiona (Cameron Diaz ) and their children. However Shrek begins to feel over-domesticated when he finds out that the local villagers are no longer scared of him. To regain his confidence and old ways Shrek makes a deal with Rumpelstiltskin to try and inject some excitement back into his life. Unfortunately the deal goes wrong and Shrek finds himself in an alternate Far Far Away where nothing is how it should be. His friends dont recognize him and there lifes have taken a change for the worse. Donkey is forced into cart-pulling duty, while Puss in Boots has grown fat and has traded in his sword for a pink bow.
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