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    Truth Vibrations

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    "The divisions in this World are in our minds, they are our creation.

    It is these divisions, these dogmas, these attitudes played off against each other, right across The World that fundamentally allow a few people to control the direction of the Planet.

    Not everything that happens in The World - of course not - but its direction towards more and more centralization of power, in the hands of fewer and fewer people.

    We can choose to be frightened.

    We can choose to hate.

    Or we can choose not to fear - and we can choose to love.

    I love you whatever - I love you without condition.

    And if we want to change The World, it has to start with self.

    Fear, anger, hatred, condemnation, dictating what other people should be - that's The World we've got - that's the Prison.

    But Paradise is waiting - a thought, an attitude away - that's all it is, a choice away.

    Love - to love each other and love The World - our lives are fundamentally changed and The World is fundamentally changed...

    ...and we are the generations that are going to love The World to a Paradise."

    -- David Icke

    Truth Vibrations
    a film by Ne!l Kerslake

    music by: Robert, of the Clan MacMillan

    truth courtesy of' David Icke

    art courtesy of: Rob Gonsalves