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    EastEnders - Jake asks Chrissie if she murdered Den


    by Ryanlcfc1

    Peggy goes to the Vic and lets herself in with some keys she has. She tells Chrissie she should have had the locks changed. Peggy confronts Chrissie, and Jake overhears the whole story. Peggy says Stacey hates her - she knows that she doesn't want to lie for her, and it won't take much, and Stacey will snap, just like that. Jake stops her and takes the keys. Chrissie says thanks, and Jake says he's had enough, first Stacey and now Peggy - what is Stacey worried about? What did happen - either you trust me or you don't. Chrissie tells him the story, looking evasive, and Jake says it doesn't make sense. He says, angrily grabbing her, that he loved her and she lied to him and asks if she killed Den.

    This was taken from an episode of EastEnders on Monday 3rd October 2005.