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    The Flame In All Of Us


    by XFire22

    All right!, another new video to the great, No.VIII, Axel, The Flurry Of Dancing Flames!♥(got it memorized?). Used another TFK song that I just totally loved and just "had" to use it for the character that I just totally love!♥. Came out very nicely in my opinion and its again one of my most favorite ones♥;p. Theres alot of talking clips in this one like "The Red" had but I shaded most of them out this time snice my friend told me she could still hear the game music in the last one and I didn't want to make that problem again:p. Anyways, enjoy the video and remember the flame in all of us! long live Axel the great! got it mem-or-iz-ed?♥;p

    This video is once again, in a way, a tribute to the friendship Axel, Roxas, and Xion shared(or "once" shared anyway). I think the friendship between them was pretty tight, even though they only knew each other for a year. To the friendship that "never was"