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    Neobux Proof, pays to Alertpay or Paypal. Paid to click (PTC

    brian estrella

    by brian estrella

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    I have tried out Neobux and it turns out that they actually DO PAY! and INSTANTLY! Finally a trusting Paid to click site that doesn't take weeks or even months to pay out. I was part with some other PTC site in the past but their payment processing time was almost a month or two, and they never actually paid out. With Neobux they pay right out the second you request your withdrawal. In the video I was signed in my account and requested a cashout. In a few seconds later I open a new tab to Alertpay and lo and behold there was the payment from Neobux. I had $2.03 in Neobux and that is exactly what I received in Alertpay. Neobux also accepts Paypal which is a more known payment processor world-wide.

    It does take a while to reach the minimum amount which is only $2, I believe it was 2 or 2 and a half weeks of clicking (without referring anybody). Happy clicking