House of Cards Builder Breaks Record Again


by NTDTelevision

This is China's Venetian Macao Resort Hotel.

And this is China's Venetian Macao Resort Hotel - made from 218,792 cards.

It's also the new Guinness World Record holder for the largest house of freestanding playing cards.

34-year-old Bryan Berg placed the final card on today in what was the second time he's broken the record.

[Bryan Berg, Card Stacking World Record Holder]:
"It's really like a real construction project. Because you have to engineer every single adjacency and every support that's supporting everything above. And you can never sort of plan enough for what you're going to do. Otherwise, you know what happens."

The three by ten-and-a-half meter structure took 44 days to complete, and used 4,051 decks of cards. And no adhesives of any kind were used.

[Bryan Berg, Card Stacking World Record Holder]:
"I always hope that people take home from this that if you try something enough you'll get good at it, or anything is possible."

And Bryan Berg should know—he's been practicing card stacking since learning the skill from his grandfather when he was just eight.