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    Japan Husband-Hunting School Opens


    by NTDTelevision

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    These women are all single, and all share the same goal—to find a husband.

    They attend classes at a newly launched marriage prep school in Tokyo, where among other things, they learn how to bow to impress their future in-laws.

    Other classes focus on food presentation and how to dress.

    But the main purpose is clear.

    [Mei Oda, Student]:
    "I'm looking for a man who makes more than 10 million yen (110,000 dollars) a year, doesn't ask me to live with his parents, and takes good care of me."

    The students also take part in simulated dates, where their every move, expression and conversation is critiqued.

    More Japanese women in their 20s and 30s are single now than at any time before.

    The principal of the school says this is because they have too many choices.

    [Etsuko Satake, Principal, Infini School]:
    "Before, people would find it easy to get married because families and the society would connect them some way, sometimes pushing them to get married. But now, people have too many choices and cannot seem to make up their minds."

    Experts say with Japan's economy in deep recession, many women are taking an interest in marriage and the economic stability it can provide, actively seeking a partner through spouse-hunting activities.