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    Elephant Birth Suprises Zoo in Sydney


    by NTDTelevision

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    An Asian elephant mother delivered this male baby in the early hours of Wednesday at the Taronga Park Zoo in Sydney… surprising vets and keepers who thought the baby died in the womb.

    Astounded zoo officials say this was a world first.

    [Cameron Kerr, Taronga Zoo Director]:English
    "There is no recording of a calf being absolutely still for several days like this. It looks like he was in a coma as of several days ago and hence all those vital signs we were looking for some respond to movement, some movement of his position within the womb, none of those were occurring."

    The zoo will be keeping a close eye on the calf, as it’s too early to know if it would survive.

    [Cameron Kerr, Taronga Zoo Director]:English
    “It is very early days and he's not out of the woods yet. I just came out of the elephant barn not long ago and it is absolute delight to see him standing.”

    The calf is now feeding from his mother and is being watched 24/7.