Sculpture by the Sea: Where Creativity Meets the Coast


by NTDTelevision

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When it comes to summertime attractions, Perth's Cottesloe Beach is the top pick for many in Western Australia.

And in March, the attraction is further reinforced when over 60 local and international artists adorn the foreshore with their striking sculptures.

[Ryan Tyler, Interstate Visitor]:
“There’s beautiful photography to be had, beautiful sculptures around here.”

[Jake Cutler, Local Resident]:
“It has a good vibe so it’s good for the people.”

Known as "Sculpture by the Sea", the event provides locals and tourists plenty of pieces to admire, laugh at, or simply caress.

And maybe even ponder ones creative side.

[Ryan Tyler, Interstate Visitor]:
“A try-hard artist, we’ve all got some art ability inside of us I think, you do too.”

Perhaps the collection of sculptures, could serve as more than just entertainment for us humans.

[Ashleigh, Local Resident]:
“I think it could give aliens a really good way of communicating with Perth.”

Now in it's sixth year, the man behind the seaside exhibit is David Handley.

[David Handley, Founding Director, Sculpture by the Sea]:
“Let’s bring the art to the people, it transforms one of the most popular places and one of the most beautiful places in Perth, into an exhibition for everybody to enjoy.”

Sculpture by the sea will continue at Cottesloe Beach until March 23rd.

Robert Apicella, NTD, Perth, Western Australia

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