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    New Technologies Drive Business Agility


    by ExploreIBMCsuite

    126 views IBM helps businesses navigate through turbulent times reflective of the economic environment. Business agility forces people to reinvent business by seeking new technology solutions.

    VO: 83% of CEOs anticipate turbulent change, yet admit they lack the ability to handle that change effectively. So what should be done? In the midst of economic uncertainty and unprecedented change, CIOs are being asked to use technology to create smarter, more agile businesses. But what if they could do even more? Can CIOs not only find ways to survive the financial crisis, but actually help businesses to thrive? Working with IBM, CIOs can identify new ways to leverage technology and invest in IT initiatives that will bring greater value to the company. Today, IBM is helping over 20,000 companies optimize their business by doing just that. The world is changing. So should business.