Berklee College of Music Guitar Audition GUIDE

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Matias Rengel
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Get Ready for BERKLEE!!!

Look inside the BOOK! Look the PDF in our website.

A Successful Guide for a Guitar Audition at the Worlds Best Music College will help you give the perfect audition to Berklee College of Music and get accepted as one of their privileged students. Explore this Guide now and get ready for the Audition!

-Learn About Berklee
-Audition and Interview
-Audition Testimonies
-Prepared Piece
-Ear Training
-Sight Reading
-The Interview
- Preparation and Tips

Matias Rengel, the author, is a musician from Tucuman, Argentina. He has been accepted to Berklee College of Music and received a scholarship based on both the Audition & Interview process and the Berklee Writing and Composition Scholarship.

"This Guide is the result of Years of formal music training..."

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