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    Tool Academy's Chasyn Rance & Mickie Knuckles- 3-10-2010 -9

    The Supermen

    by The Supermen

    It was storming outside causing technical difficulties for Sensei but Violence Jack, Mr California and K Ross Covington kept it together! On to the show!!
    "Not Cocky" CHASYN RANCE
    may best know for telling VH1's Tool Academy To Suck It last week on the season premier. If you want to know anything about Tool Academy, wrestling on the indies, developing a character that can make tools hate you in less than a day, bangin ring rats or anything else this is the show for you!
    THE most hardcore female wrestler in the world, The Queen Of The Deathmatch
    We will find out what happened to her run in TNA, The Mike Levy Incident, The horrible broken leg that forced her out of wrestling for a while, her relationship with IWA-MS and Ian Rotten, and more!

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