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    The Cost of Love (2010)


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    I wanted to make a modern love story that spoke to us all. Something a bit different from the usual love stories that focus on the 'boy meet girl' – 'will they or won't they', and of course they always do...this time round it is different and it isn't a case of 'boy meets boy' either, far from it!

    I wanted to make a film that looks deeper into love, and what it can cost us. The film features diverse characters and the price they pay for falling in love. This is a film that speaks to everyone regardless of colour, sexuality or age.

    The Cost of Love was filmed in Greenwich, a true cosmopolitan area of London. It is an area that has many different cultures and reflects modern day London.

    Overall it has a comic upbeat feel...when married with the more poignant moments, this film presents an honesty that exists in and around us all.