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    Reid Baer is NO JIHAD recruiter but a poet!

    Reid Baer

    by Reid Baer

    Reid Baer is NO JIHAD recruiter but a poet who enjoys peaceful Persian things like this Mosaic poem:

    My Marvelous Mosaic
    By Reid Baer

    My simple mind likes to quickly
    identify with a single
    piece – a colorful pebble – a
    bright green stone – a small ceramic

    tile I can call my own and then
    call it quits and go directly
    home but my collective psyche
    won’t collaborate in such a

    narrow scheme that eliminates
    shapes and sizes and mandala-
    like patterns illuminating
    a vision of the many parts –

    the tiles – the stones – from which a more
    complete mosaic of reds - blues –
    and blacks are at stake and the great
    multitude of terracotta

    promises an integrated
    picture into a floor – a grand
    ceiling – a towering mountain
    of uncompromising beauty!