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BlackGenocide.org (3of4)

há 8 anos65 views

Pastor Childress Jr. joins Alex to debate the open practice of racist eugenics by Planned Parenthood 'abortuaries'. They also discuss the open reemergence of eugenics.

The crimes committed by the Nazis horrified the world and discredited the pseudo-science of eugenics that, until then, was becoming dominant in the industrialized world.

So, after WWII, eugenicists worldwide moved underground into several sciences (ecology, bioethics, genetics, biology, economy, psychology, etc), creating what they termed 'crypto-eugenics' -- ie, introducing eugenics in society under stealth.

Now, this pack of elistist genocidalists is coming out into the open as they did in the early 20th century, openly advocating eugenics practices (draconian birth-control policies, sterilization, depopulation, euthanasia), under the pretexts of 'helping the environment', 'reducing crime', and 'protecting economic stability'.