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    Fast workout for women : exercise for two minutes

    Marlin McQueen

    by Marlin McQueen

    1 423 views In 2 minutes per day with the kinetic bands you can do 3 sets of 15 reps or 45, which is the benefit of doing 90 reps. Rotate 7 different exercises one each day and get in the benefit of " 630 " reps in just two minutes per day. Two minute drill 2 minute drill The kinetic Bands offer a great way to multi task and get in a workout at home or office . You can wear them around the house or apartment. You can wear them while watching TV or working on your computer. Our Trim and Tone zone program has been very successful in helping women work their thighs hips abs ham strings glutes and cardio all while wearing the Kinetic Bands during their normal workout routine. Saving time and getting maximum results. Sexy legs and butt workout for women hot legs tone and firm Distributed by Tubemogul.