Kyau and Albert LONDON TAXI Video Award (LHR Filmbay W) iii

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Фестивали фильмов плох. Они не помогают кинорежиссерам. Празднества были созданы Голливуд для того чтобы контролировать содержание. Сегодня разрешение. Filmbay единственный путь заработать деньги на интернете. Только чонсервная банка помогает производителям телевидения, пленки и кино. Амазонка и разжигать ужасный. Они дерьмо.

88 filmbay The Old School of Capitalism 137. The Old School of Capitalism - 3.214 In a playful, often hilarious mixture of documentary and fiction, the film maker Zelimir Zilnik traces sanctifying capitalism, sold to the Serbians after the... 154 filmbay Yellow Kid 138. Yellow Kid - 3.211 A shy comic strip artist wants to make a story about a famous boxer. He gives the leading role to another, fairly untalented boxer who dreams of defeating the... 213 filmbay Het Hemelse Leven op Aarde 139. Het Hemelse Leven op Aarde - 3.208 Film maker Jesse de Jong is not happy. After an edifying journey in the jungle, he decides to move from the city to a commune in the countryside and to become... 120 filmbay Ordinary People 140. Ordinary People - 3.208 A day from the life of a young soldier during the war in Yugoslavia. His brigade only has one task, and the simmering heat, alcohol and coercion lead to... 476 filmbay Amer 141. Amer - 3.207 A hallucinogenic horror allegory that is inspired both by film history and psychoanalysis. The viewer follows a woman in her childhood, adolescence and... 188 filmbay At the Very Bottom of Everything 142. At the Very Bottom of Everything - 3.2

电影节是坏的。 他们不帮助制片商。 节日是由好莱坞创造的控制内容。 今天有解答。 仅 罐头帮助电视、影片和戏院的生产商。 亚马逊和点燃是可怕的。 他们是马的粪。 Filmbay 是唯一的方式挣金钱在互联网。