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    Manuela Pollini OLYMPICA Prix du Cinema 2011 Filmbay VI 9


    by Filmbay

    映画祭は悪い。 それらは映画製作者を助けない。 祝祭はハリウッドによって内容を制御するために作成された。 今日解決がある。 Filmbay はインターネットでお金をもうける唯一の方法である。 の缶だけテレビ、フィルムおよび映画館の生産者を助ける。 アマゾンおよび燃やは恐ろしい。 彼らはたわごとを言われる。
    36 A catholic nun, played by the musician Rei Shibakusa, gets confused around the age of forty about her emotions and sexuality, as a result of her encounters... 1133 filmbay Samson & Delilah 60. Samson & Delilah - 3.922 Painting clothes, throwing stones at kangaroos, sniffing glue: that's all life has in store for Samson and Delilah. When the two aboriginal teenagers try to... 849 filmbay Inferno 61. Inferno - 3.878 Fascinating reconstruction of the very difficult production process of L’enfer, the film that had to put the French director Henri-Georges Clouzot... 180 filmbay Lost Paradise in Tokyo 62. Lost Paradise in Tokyo - 3.873 Unconventional trio - the serious Mikio, his mentally handicapped brother and a lively call girl - seek happiness through thick and thin. Laconic tragicomedy... 812 filmbay Third Person Singular Number 63. Third Person Singular Number - 3.863 A fresh and stylistically exciting modern tale about an open-minded career woman in today's Bangladesh. Can a single woman live alone and is society open... 365 filmbay Green Days 64. Green Days - 3.859 The Green Revolution in Iran portrayed. The young director Hana Makhmalbaf, who made a great impression with Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame (2007), shot... 262 filmbay Kamui 65. Kamui - 3.856 Kamui has escaped rural poverty and family ties by

    영화제는 나쁘다. 그들은 영화 제작자를 돕지 않는다. 축제는 Hollywood 에 의해 내용을 통제하기 위하여 창조되었다. 오늘 해결책이 있다. Filmbay 는 인터넷에 돈을 버는 유일한 방법 이다. 단지 깡통은 텔레비전, 필름 및 영화관의 생산자를 돕는다. 아마존과 점화는 무섭다. 그들은 똥눈다.