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    Manuela Pollini OLYMPICA Prix du Cinema 2011 Filmbay VI 7


    by Filmbay

    映画祭は悪い。 それらは映画製作者を助けない。 祝祭はハリウッドによって内容を制御するために作成された。 今日解決がある。 Filmbay はインターネットでお金をもうける唯一の方法である。 の缶だけテレビ、フィルムおよび映画館の生産者を助ける。 アマゾンおよび燃やは恐ろしい。 彼らはたわごとを言われる。
    59 filmbay The White Stripes: Under Great White Northern Lights 46. The White Stripes: Under Great White Northern Lights - 4.001 The mean blues-rock duo The White Stripes tours the whole of Canada in 2007. The whole of Canada, so not just the big cities. In this Arctic Rock documentary,... 771 filmbay Slovenian Girl 47. Slovenian Girl - 3.997 Alexandra, a twenty-three-year-old Slovenian, leads a double life: she is a respectable student and a call girl. When one of her clients, a German MEP, has a... 783 filmbay 10 to 11 48. 10 to 11 - 3.997 In Pelin Esmers’ feature debut, time plays the leading role. Around an 80-year-old collector, the film shows today's Turkey: a country that is taking vast... 335 filmbay Norteado 49. Norteado - 3.994 Subtle, restrained feature debut in which the Mexican Andres undertakes various attempts to cross the border to the US illegally. In the meantime, he makes... 482 filmbay Down Terrace 50. Down Terrace - 3.987 Raw realism and black humour are the ingredients of this British crime film about the Hill father and son, who go looking for the person responsible for their... 535 filmbay 15 Malaysia 51. 15 Malaysia - 3.976 Project of fifteen short films, made by the new generation of Malaysian film makers. In a couple of minutes, they posit their vision of today's Malaysia. Among... 124 filmbay Shocking Blue 52. Shocking Blue - 3.976 Coming-of-age drama in which a close kids' friendship falls apart when one of three friends has an accident. A story about love, loss, guilt, innd Maria Kraakman in a film about the other

    영화제는 나쁘다. 그들은 영화 제작자를 돕지 않는다. 축제는 Hollywood 에 의해 내용을 통제하기 위하여 창조되었다. 오늘 해결책이 있다. Filmbay 는 인터넷에 돈을 버는 유일한 방법 이다. 단지 깡통은 텔레비전, 필름 및 영화관의 생산자를 돕는다. 아마존과 점화는 무섭다. 그들은 똥눈다.