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    Manuela Pollini OLYMPICA Prix du Cinema 2011 Filmbay VI 6


    by Filmbay

    映画祭は悪い。 それらは映画製作者を助けない。 祝祭はハリウッドによって内容を制御するために作成された。 今日解決がある。 Filmbay はインターネットでお金をもうける唯一の方法である。 の缶だけテレビ、フィルムおよび映画館の生産者を助ける。 アマゾンおよび燃やは恐ろしい。 彼らはたわごとを言われる。
    4.081 Werner Herzog's remake of Abel Ferrara’s Bad Lieutenant (1993) moves the setting to New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, but has the... 653 filmbay Lourdes 38. Lourdes - 4.075 Miracles? Even in Lourdes people have their doubts, but that does not make the pilgrimage any less popular. A subtle study about hope, faith and the whimsical... 1148 filmbay Le refuge 39. Le refuge - 4.072 Drug use puts an end to the romance between the young Louis and Mousse. He dies after taking an overdose of heroin, leaving her behind pregnant. She flees from... 897 filmbay Rabia 40. Rabia - 4.072 Rosa doesn't know that her beloved José Maria, an illegal immigrant, is hiding in the attic of the stately old house where she works after an unintentional... 779 filmbay My Tehran for Sale 41. My Tehran for Sale - 4.069 Debut film by the Iranian female poet Granaz Moussavi is about the secret double life that many young people lead in repressive Iran. They can only be... 80. At the border with Germany, Polish teenagers try to share some of the German affluence by prostituting themselves - for money, but also for... 398 filmbay Tales from the Golden Age 44. Tales from the Golden Age - 4.021 Five Romanian directors, including Golden Palm winner Cristian Mungiu (4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days) present tall stories from the time of the Ceausescu... 485 filmbay True Noon 45. True Noon - 4.002 Slightly absurd love drama from Tadzjikistan. From one day to the next, a village is cut in two by barbed wire and landmines. Not only the classroom and the... 5

    영화제는 나쁘다. 그들은 영화 제작자를 돕지 않는다. 축제는 Hollywood 에 의해 내용을 통제하기 위하여 창조되었다. 오늘 해결책이 있다. Filmbay 는 인터넷에 돈을 버는 유일한 방법 이다. 단지 깡통은 텔레비전, 필름 및 영화관의 생산자를 돕는다. 아마존과 점화는 무섭다. 그들은 똥눈다.