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    Indonesian Security Forces Conduct Anti-terror Drill


    by NTDTelevision

    Indonesian security forces in West Java are conducting an anti-terror drill. The fear of terrorist attacks was heightened after the discovery of a militant Islamic training camp in Aceh last month.

    Indonesian security forces conducted an anti-terror drill in West Java on Tuesday. The exercise followed a series of raids across the archipelago after the discovery of a militant Islamic training camp in Aceh (AH chay) last month.

    The two-day exercise, involving more than 600 people, was conducted in a local hotel and at the Indonesia Stock Market building and includes a simulation of a hotel and building siege.

    Police officers could be seen practicing jumping out of a helicopter using ropes above the ground to evacuate hostages.

    Last week Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said a terrorist training camp in Aceh Province was preparing militants to launch attacks.

    Police have detained 21 suspected members of the terror group in Aceh and Java, while two have been killed.

    Police are still hunting for about 30 members of the group in a jungle area in Aceh.

    The staunch Muslim province of Aceh suffered a separatist conflict for many years before a peace deal was struck with Jakarta in 2005.