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    Indonesia: Terrorists Killed in Police Raids


    by NTDTelevision

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    A victory for police in Indonesia. After conducting two separate raids, they took out three suspected militants. Here's more on the story.

    On Tuesday Indonesian police said they killed three suspected militants in two separate raids conducted in the outskirts of capital Jakarta.

    Police sources said the raids were linked to a series of others operations on a suspected Islamic militant group in Aceh Province.

    They said they were targeting a member of the militant group Jemaah Islamiah.

    Police later confirmed there had been a second raid nearby about an hour later targeting members of the group in which two suspects had been shot and two detained.

    Indonesia's counter-terrorism unit has launched a series of raids across the archipelago following the discovery of a militant Islamic training camp in Aceh last month.

    Books on Jihad, rifles and military uniforms were found during the raids in which 19 suspected members of the group were detained in Aceh and Java.

    Three police officers have died during the ongoing hunt for more suspects.

    Indonesia has been dealing with militant attacks for the past decade from groups such as Jemaah Islamiah, some of whose members trained in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the southern Philippines.

    The raids on suspected militants come ahead of a visit by U.S. President Barack Obama on March 20-22 to the world's most populous Muslim nation.