Police Homophobic attitudes to Art

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Chief Constable OTTER in 'theory' ACPO lead for ALL UK police forces on 'Equality & Diversity'. Human Rights Act Article allows Freedom of Expression (including Art) & Human Rights Act Article which in conjunction with another HR Act allows for Freedom from discrimination & prejudice, (includes sexuality). Police destroyed the artist business in process of their vendetta which has now exceeded six years in duration.

Cornwall police not above a little artwork of their own, colouring in pink an image of a police officer on a poster displayed at Camborne Police station & labelling it GAY. Demonstrating juvenile canteen culture prevailing at Camborne police station

*The UK Home Office released a report in 2005 stating HOMOPHOBIA was ENDEMIC throughout the UK police forces
*The Met police released a report in 2007 into police investigations of murders of gay persons, stating police homophobia hampered investigations


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